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At Own Travels, we believe that travel is not just about visiting destinations; it's about embarking on transformative journeys that leave a lasting impression. As passionate travelers ourselves, we understand the profound impact that exploring the world can have on one's perspective, growth, and appreciation for diverse cultures.
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Unlock Your Career Potential with Direct Interviews: Choose Own Travels & Tours for Expert Guidance and Seamless Opportunities.
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At Own Travels & Tours, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. From the moment you contact us to the conclusion of your trip.
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Reliable Support Around the Clock: Choose Own Travels & Tours for 24/7 Assistance, Ensuring Peace of Mind Throughout Your Journey.
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  • How long does the work permit or student visa application process take?
    The processing time for work permits and student visas varies depending on the destination and the specific circumstances of each application. It is important to note that visa processing times can be subject to change and are determined by the respective immigration authorities. Our team will provide you with an estimated processing time based on the current information available and keep you informed throughout the application process.
  • Can you assist with finding employment or educational opportunities abroad?
    While we primarily focus on providing visa assistance, we can provide general guidance and resources regarding employment and educational opportunities abroad. We can offer advice on job search strategies, educational institutions, and scholarship opportunities. However, please note that securing employment or admission to educational institutions is ultimately the responsibility of the individual applicant.
  • What additional services do you provide for work permit and student visa applicants?
    In addition to visa assistance, Own Travels & Tours can provide support with pre-departure arrangements such as travel planning, accommodation recommendations, and orientation sessions to help you prepare for your new work or study adventure. We aim to provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth transition into your destination country.

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